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The group is dedicated to robots, machine-building and all that is connected with it.

Robots are not a common topic for most ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. However, as students develop their language skills, it's important for them to learn how to discuss topics or issues they may be unfamiliar with. There's a huge difference between simply reciting English vocabulary and phrases and actively engaging with the language on an improvisational level.

The questions in this lesson are divided by level, so be sure to choose questions that are appropriate for the level of your learners. You can also challenge students with questions that require in depth thought and preparation. Basically, there are three ways you can use this questions.

Pair students and allow them to ask and answer questions with each other. If you use this method, be sure to mix up the pairings every few minutes so that students can hear different voices and opinions.
Distribute the questions to students individually and allow them to study the question and prepare and rehearse an answer. You can then ask for volunteers to share their responses to the class. This is also a great way to hear different opinions on the same question.
Use the questions as an assessment tool in one-on-one conversations as a way to gauge student understanding of the material you have covered in class.
Before using the questions below, it can be helpful to read them aloud so that students can hear the correct pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Also, encourage students to keep a list of and look up new words they come across so that these words can be reviewed and practiced.

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